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100 year Centenary Gala

100 year Centenary Gala

Charles Stewart and Company’s board chairman Neil Stewart says good staff are the foundation to a successful business.

Mr Stewart acknowledged the contribution of good staff to a business’ success at the Charles Stewart and Company’s gala dinner on Saturday, where he welcomed 190 people to celebrate the company’s centenary at Colac Otway and Performing Arts and Cultural Centre.

He said hosting such an event provided him the perfect opportunity to acknowledge the contribution of the many staff over the years to the company’s longevity.

It also provided an opportunity for past and present staff members to get together, along with industry representatives and family members.

Mr Stewart said Charles Stewart and Company board members recognised the value of our staff and congratulated and thanked them for their contribution and loyalty.

He said good staff were the most valuable resource a business could have.

“The strength of any business relies heavily on the employment of ethical, honest and hardworking people who respond to strong and positive leadership,” he said.

“These fundamentals were set in place by Charles Stewart when he began his career 100 years ago and have been handed down by the generations of family members to the present day.”

Charles Stewart and Company board member Mr John Fox AM launched the book marking the company’s centenary and detailing its story - 100 years of Charles Stewart written by Neil Stewart.

The book captures the story of Charles Stewart the business and his family’s story; it also includes the individual stories of the many people involved in helping make the business it is today.